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Owen & Abbey literally got started at the table - one that I built after falling in love with a barnwood table at a high-end furniture store. On a tight budget, I researched options to find reclaimed wood and learned of a local non-profit providing job training through deconstruction of abandoned homes in Detroit (Reclaim Detroit). I visited their workshop, picked some boards, and got to work. The process of building and hand-finishing that first table was therapeutic, empowering and a big confidence booster. I knew then that I needed to continue this creative outlet and also thought about how I could build a business that provided the same experience for others. I envision Owen & Abbey studios in any city with blight and unemployment. Owen & Abbey will provide meaningful employment that instills confidence, builds marketable skills and provides stability for women rebuilding their lives, and will produce beautiful items from recycled materials that enhance our customers' lives.

Currently, work is created in my home garage tool shop and basement finishing studio and am selling items through Etsy, local art markets, pop-up shops, art fairs and networking for clients. Being able to grow this business will allow us to move to shop/studio and create jobs for local residents.

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